#H817open: A Visual Representation of Open Education

As a part of the course requirement for #H817open, we are asked to submit a visual representation of our understanding of open education.  Needless to say, being somewhat challenged in the visual semiotic mode, I found this quite a formidable task.

However, I prevailed and tried various digital tools over the course of few weeks, and finally decided to use tiki-toki to create a timeline.  In retrospect, I still think that perhaps some other tool may have worked better as my timeline does not relate to the development of open education over the course of time which sounds like the obvious choice for a timeline.

Rather, it is a timeline about crossroads and intersections and how in part the society in which we live affects and shapes our choices and our stories at the important junctures of our lives.

I hope you have the time to explore and understand my short timeline (just click on the image below)!  I appreciate any feedback that you have.

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 10.11.06 AM

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2 Responses to #H817open: A Visual Representation of Open Education

  1. mymindbursts says:

    I think this activity is inspired and your execution a dream. I’ve never before seen such a variety of responses to a task. Just imagine if we’d each written 300 words how dull and predictable that would be. Push this even further in scale and you may come up with this – Scale of the Universe http://www.scaleofuniverse.com/ . See Powers of Ten. Its wildly overwhelming but it made me think of Openness in the sense that at the tiniest micro scale to the outer reaches of the universe there are connections and similarities.

  2. mtmaher says:

    Thanks for your kind words. And I loved Powers of Ten which I have shared with my husband and son as well who are big fans of science and math. I do love finding the interconnectedness of things.

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