What’s your punctuation story?

In “5 Habit of Highly Creative Teachers”, we are exploring curiosity this week.  In order to dig into curiosity, Douglas Rice’s metaphors for our deeply engrained habits and tendencies were placed in our path.  Such metaphors help us tell our story and human beings are story and meaning making creatures.


I am a walker.  I also often ride.  More often in the car but ocassionally on a bicycle.  The mere act of moving and experiencing a changing landscape of forests and feilds as well as and man-made structures while listening to the chirping of birds, frogs singing, sounds of human life, or music sets my creativity in motion.

So I find that I am more inclined to be curious and creative when I am moving , observing and listening and generally soaking up my surroundings using all my senses.  That is when I am most often a question mark.  However, sometimes, it takes a huge effort to get into that mode because it feels playful and I’ve allowed myself to be programmed to work at not making waves and being a concensus builder (.) or to be a reliable and efficient problem solver always delivering a finished product (!)

I think it is easy to fall into this trap.  In fact society rewards us for our measurable output and deliverables.  However, I’m working from the inside out trying to “cultivate my inner question mark” by being playful and bold and not overthinking things as well as following up on my interests.  In order to help me get on with it, I’ve made this reminder list:

  • Get moving
  • Look
  • Listen
  • Embrace uncertainty
  • Be bold
  • Try new things
  • Follow up
  • Be persitant
  • Show up

What’ s your puctuation story?




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1 Response to What’s your punctuation story?

  1. I find it interesting that he refers to ! As an inflexible approach and you chose to see it as your inner problem solver and getting things done. I know that your ! Was instrumental in the development of #create5 and was delighted to see your ? Emerge in the process. That’s from one Irish lass to another you know… (Autocorrect tries to be so helpful, but I kinda like what it did).

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